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Columbus Georgia Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyers


Tractor-trailers, or semi-trucks, are a common site on our highways and roads. Unfortunately, many of these tractor-trailer trucks are involved in accidents. Often, tractor-trailer truck accidents involve other motor vehicles. Being involved in an accident with a vehicle that can weigh several tons is extremely frightening and dangerous.


Semi-trucks are involved in thousands of accidents every year. Because of their tremendous size and weight, they create enormous energy as they travel at high speeds. As a result, collisions that involve tractor-trailers often cause serious injuries or fatalities to people in smaller.


JA Harp Law Firm has tried and won multiple Tractor-trailer cases. Once such case is where a tractor trailer driver with a lengthy history of prior back injuries was rear ended on an interstate highway by another tractor trailer truck. The accident resulted in an additional back surgery. The settlement was for $300,000.